A Message From the Chief Academic Officer

The political, and economic changes and technological advances of the last decade have brought with them a marvelous opportunity that must be seized. The opening of previously closed political systems, the growth of social and economic freedom, the increase of capital investment and development in different geo-political areas, along with the maturation of the Internet and E-Commerce have created a significant opportunity to educate, influence, and enhance the world in ways unimaginable a few short years ago. Concurrently, the challenges and uncertainties presently confronting the world make the dissemination of knowledge and the inculcation of values more important than ever before in history. 


Now is the time to emphasize and uphold the rights and the responsibilities of all peoples, governments, organizations, and individuals. Now is the time to emphasize interdependence, collective and individual responsibility, integrity, and compassion. Now is the time to communicate, cooperate, and consolidate understanding among the people of the world.


At this specific point in history, as we enter the new millennium, the opportunity to influence the world through education is at its zenith. The growth of freedom and prosperity that the world has experienced in the past few years is supported by, and can only be maintained by, the free flow of ideas and the communication of knowledge and values that are encouraged through educational programs such as the ones Grace University provides. I am excited to be a part of this endeavor.


We at Grace University believe that personal integrity and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors are at the heart of success. We believe that ideas are consequential and that taking action produces results. We believe that the future is our collective responsibility and our inheritance. We alone can determine the outcome. We shall work for peace, prosperity, and freedom by encouraging the pursuit of knowledge, respect for life, social justice, and collective and individual responsibility which recognizes the inter dependency of all people

We invite all those who share our goals of personal and professional excellence and a bright future for the people of the world to join us in our quest.


Dr. George Conley Jr.