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A Message From the President

This is the most exciting time I have experienced in many years career as a teacher and administrator in higher education. The world is experiencing exponential growth in education and training in all forms and modalities.


Globalization and the increasing importance of technology in the workplace have placed an increasing set of requirements on students and universities to renew knowledge not only in their functional specialties, but in the changing applications of these specialties. This has spurred the growth of programs that enable the working professional to return to the classroom.


This exponential growth is partly fueled by the return to traditional values and respect for education in most of the countries of the world.  Is this “Old Wine in a New Bottle” or “New Wine in an Old Bottle”? As an educator, I care about the answer, because the approach taken in our educational programs will differ depending upon which of the above orientations is chosen.


I personally believe that this is “New Wine” and we must structure our courses and programs accordingly. I believe that business and government leaders are being tested on a daily basis with problems and issues unknown and unanticipated a mere five years ago. These leaders cannot know everything they need to know in order to respond to these challenges. Instead, they must utilize their ability to think creatively, make decisions, and communicate to solve problems. Education that enhances these abilities is required by present and future business and government leaders in order to succeed.


Grace University’s BBA program is structured and designed to emphasize and enhance these abilities.  Grace University has always provided multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional education to multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-cultural students, with the objective of making them multi-talented and valuable contributors to their organizations and society. The complete education of the international, adult, and managerial/executive learner is our focus.


Grace University offers education built upon the pursuit of excellence, integrity, and service. Grace University believes that all education must promote personal and collective responsibility, social justice, respect for all life, and the interdependency of all people.


Grace University is dedicated to the student’s complete education. Our program emphasizes the dissemination of knowledge, the requirement of critical thinking, the necessity of ethical values, and the need for exercise of individual and collective responsibility.


Grace University welcomes you on our mutual quest of personal, academic, and professional excellence.


John Charity

John Charity

President of Grace University

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