Student Services


Student Advising 


Several advising options are available at Grace University. First, full-time faculty members are available for academic advising. Faculty members are available during regular business hours for consultation with regard to academic and career planning. The scope of the academic advice includes:

1. Analyzing interests related to academic and career planning; or 2. Determining the best educational program for achieving a chosen career or goal; 3. Selecting courses and student activities that maximize opportunities and potential; 4. Developing an academic plan that encompasses both the course work and the supplemental needs of the student. 


New Student Orientation 


The New Student Orientation program assists first-time students and new transfer students in their transition to GU. This program exposes new students to broad-based educational opportunities on campus and introduces students to college life. This orientation is also designed to familiarize them with campus facilities, policies and regulations, faculty, administrators, and staff. The University offers this orientation during the first week of each quarter. 


Library Orientation 


Library orientation is designed to help new and current students learn more about library services and resources. This orientation is held at the beginning of each quarter for all students. The University also offers this orientation by appointment, at any time. 


Career Services 


In order to assist its degree students, the University provides job placement assistance within the University and through its network affiliations with business-related companies. Assistance in the preparation of a resume is provided upon student request. In addition, a bulletin board is maintained with job announcements and career opportunities. Students' personal resumes are maintained for alumni at their request. These services are provided at no cost to the students. The University, however, does not guarantee employment or a specific level of income from its placement assistance. All these services are available from the Office of Student Services. 


Tutorial Service 


Grace University provides tutorial assistance to students who indicate a need for such service. Course instructors are the primary source for this assistance. The purpose is to permit in-depth discussions regarding class presentations and materials presented in class. The service is provided at no cost to the student. The University encourages students to take advantage of the free tutoring services. 


Housing Referral 


The University does not provide student housing. However, there are many private apartments and boarding houses around the University. Please find the following housing information: (A)Grace University does not have dormitory facilities under its control (B) There is plenty of housing available near the university and in surrounding areas. Costs vary depending on the area and type of housing. (C) Grace University has no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing. Student Handbook Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this handbook as it offers current and pertinent information. It describes various student activities available on campus, as well as the rules and regulations affecting the students. 


Extra-Curricular Activities 


The University provides a student lounge with lunchroom, microwave, wireless Internet on campus and quiet and comfortable studying area. Every quarter the University hosts a party for students, faculty, and staff to welcome new students and as a reunion for returning students. 


Refusal of Service 


The University may refuse any type of service to students who have an unpaid tuition and/or fees balance. The University may refuse a student who has left matriculation with financial obligations unclear.