Library and Learning Resources

  • Grace University provides facilities, services, and learning/information resources that are appropriate to support its teaching, research, and service mission. GU also ensures that users have access to regular and timely instruction in the use of the library and other learning/information resources. 

  • GU’s library has books ranging from business, finance, accounting to marketing. In addition, students may use multiple online learning resources, such as the e-textbook website ( for subscribing to e-textbooks and online library. Online library—Library & Information Resources Network (LIRN) (, a top-ranked online library system.

LIRN has holdings in the following subjects:

  •  Art and Architecture

  •  Communication

  •  Economics and Business

  •  Education

  •  History

  •  Law

  •  Literature

  •  Music and Performance Arts

  •  Philosophy

  •  Politics and Government

  •  Psychology

  •  Religion

  •  Science and Technology 

Sociology and Anthropology The LIRN library include:

  •  Research Topics

  •  Book Profiles

  •  Free Encyclopedia

  •  Academic Journals

  •  Magazines

  •  Newspapers

  •  Contributor List

Library Hours: The library is open during school hours. 

   Nearby public library information

 Free Books LIRN provides the following services:

  •  LIRN has an extensive online collection of complete books

  •  Scholarly high-quality books and journals from over 300 acclaimed publishers in the humanities and social sciences

  •  Unlimited use of the books and articles in the collection no matter how many others are reading the same material

  •  Tools to write notes in the margins and highlight passages as if you were working with actual physical books 

  •  Easy-to-use tools to create footnotes and bibliographies

  •  Hyperlinking of footnotes and bibliographies across titles for instant access to other related titles

  •  State-of-the-art customer service

  •  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week